Drawing A Blank — Power Rangers Artist Tribute hardcover book?!?!
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Power Rangers Artist Tribute hardcover book?!?!


It's a departure from what I'm used to drawing, but when I was asked to contribute to this rad, hardcover book & with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers universe being completely foreign to me, I happily accepted the challenge! I created a piece showcasing some villainous scum from the series & I want YOU to see it!
Now you can own this beautifully printed collection from BOOM! Studios FILLED with awesome art from over 80 different artists (see photo for complete artist lineup) all covering the Power Ranger world & characters. 112 pages of colorful goodness ready to grace your coffee table & fight off monsters from all planets!

You can get a simple, signed copy or a sketched/signed copy where I'll draw something random (yet fitting for Power Rangers). Please select which version you want from the dropbox menu below...