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Watch (& Draw) in Horror Original art - IT

Image of Watch (& Draw) in Horror Original art - IT


Some of you know that I created my own Inktober list for the month of October.
'Watch (& Draw) in Horror!" is an inktober challenge where you (TRY to) watch 31 horror films everyday of the month & (more importantly) DRAW something from that film. I'm 20 days into it as I type this & I haven't missed a day yet! Here's your chance to own these daily sketches I've done & add them to your collection.
ALL pieces are 6"x 5.5" (or 5.5"x 6"), ink/blue line pencil on thick bristol board.
Continue to follow me on Instagram/Twitter (@codyschibi) to see all upcoming sketches & be sure to follow hashtag #DrawInHorror on all the social media sites to see the amazing pieces all of YOU & other genre fans are creating for this challenge!
Continue the amazing work everyone & HAPPY HALLOWEEEEEEEEN!!