EYE LOVE HALLOWEEN limited print w/ Eyeball Tracker!

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EYE LOVE HALLOWEEN limited print w/ Eyeball Tracker!

It's back & it's a different color!
The past 3 years, I've made this spooky, countdown calendar available (limited to ONLY 31) & they've sold out thanks to you amazing tricksters!
I'm re-releasing it with a different color variation now since OCTOBER (AKA the GREATEST MONTH EVER w/ the last day of it being the GREATEST HOLIDAY EVER!) is quickly creeping up on us!
I created this fun, little print you can pull out every year to help build up that excitement & most importantly, keep your EYE on the prize of that magically spooky payoff which is HALLOWEEN!
This 11" x 17" October calendar shows a hollowed out, monster skull & is accompanied with a premium EYEBALL magnet* which you move closer & closer to the BIG DAY. If you're not wanting to hang this bad boy on your fridge or another magnet-compatible surface, your order is accompanied with a piece of double-sided sticky tape which you can place on the back of the magnet to stick to your print (stick at your own risk & without TOO much pressure as tears can easily happen!). If you frame the print, you'll have absolutely no possible "OOPS-ies!" when sticking the eyeball to the surface of the glass [RECOMMENDED!]
These prints are signed & numbered limited to ONLY 31.(<---HEY! THAT'S the number of days in October AND that's also HALLOWEEEEEEEN!!!:)
Also comes with tiny "Treat" bag w/ assorted spooky goodies!
11" x 17" art print- NEON variant (does not include "@CodySchibi" watermark on actual print) - hand signed/numbered by artist.
*EYEBALL magnets designed/printed by Analiese-Noell, LLC - you will get a random color, ALL AWESOME!!