Drawing A Blank — 'someThing' LIMITED print
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'someThing' LIMITED print


'someThing' LIMITED print by Cody Schibi
*Comes in FOUR different colorways!

This cute booger is my contribution to the upcoming THE THING ARTBOOK; an amazing book featuring HUNDREDS of ridiculously rad artists from around the world. The pages will be filled with each artist's interpretation from ANY image, idea or slithering alien from the greatest movie of ALL TIME, John Carpenter's THE THING.
Put this handsome fellow in a frame & slap it on your wall where you can stare at each other for eternity! Who knows?!...this adorable print may even imitate YOUR body & zip to another planet! That means this piece of art might allow you to travel the universe!!!!! NOT A BAD DEAL AT ALL!
Like the actual Thing, these prints are "imitated" in FOUR different colorways (pictured) & are LIMITED TO ONLY 40 EACH. Choose your color from the drop menu...

11"x17" limited art print
Hand signed & numbered by artist